Retail Supermarkets
Retail Supermarkets

Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc. has been meeting the needs of those in the independent grocery market since 1978. We understand that independent store owners have business needs that are constantly changing and growing. We strive to listen to those needs and create products and services that will address those requests. We have done so through some of the following areas that have developed and grown over the years:

  • Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc. – The Distribution portion of our business inventories approximately 5,000 items, ranging greatly from packaged to bulk items, as well as packaging and supporting items.
  • Dutch Valley Food Development, a sister company to Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc., offers an assortment of products that are developed and manufactured right here in our own kitchens. Dutch Valley Food Development is a certified organic facility and strives to produce wholesome, quality products. Dry goods range from soup, dip and snack mixes to oatmeal, gelatin, granola, rice blends and much more.
  • Our Support Service team provides customized marketing support for your store through a variety of services that include layouts, fixtures, marketing materials, resets, data analysis and a wide range of other solutions.

Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc. has grown significantly over the past 35 years and much of that growth is due to listening to and supporting independent grocers through every opportunity we have to serve them. We look forward to building a lasting relationship that will allow us to help your business grow and succeed both in the present and the future. For more information, contact Wayne Atland, Director of Business Development, at 800-733-4191 ext. 2454.