Scale Support & StoreLIVE! POS Software

Over the years, Dutch Valley has had the privilege of providing numerous ways to serve our customers. Food and food-related products certainly have been one of the primary ways. However, we have tried to reach beyond just food. We have provided more and more support options to Our Customers, so that their businesses may be more successful and so that they can better serve those that shop at their stores.

Some of these service areas include: greater customer service support, product knowledge and nutritional facts, merchandising ideas, website and technology, efficient and friendly delivery service, store promotional support, store resetting and new store design and ideas, to mention just a few of the ways we have listened and tried to respond to you, our customers.

In addition to the above services, our family at Dutch Valley is excited to provide our customers with another service that we believe will be a valuable benefit and tool.

Dutch Valley and Good's Technology Services have partnered together to provide a service that will be very helpful and time-saving for our customers.

Scale Data Management

Good’s Technology Services provides sales and service for the StoreLIVE! Point of Sale (POS) system and the StoreLIVE! Scale Manager package.  The StoreLIVE! Scale Management software supports direct integration with Dutch Valley Food Distributors, allowing product information provided by Dutch Valley to be seamlessly loaded into the system and transferred to your scales.

The StoreLIVE! system contains fields such as PLU and ingredients, in addition to the normal item attributes such as scale item description and suggested price. This feature allows the StoreLIVE! system to serve as the master database for scale product information. Via Good's Technology Scale Integration with the Invatron Plum Store product, this information can be seamlessly transmitted to a wide variety of networked scales, including those from Hobart, Mettler Toledo and Ishida.

Scale Support

Dutch Valley Food Distributors does not sell scales, but we do provide scale information and FREE scale data files (containing PLU, Suggested Price, Item Description, and Ingredients) for the scales that our customers purchase.  After you purchase a new scale and provide us with the email address of your scale technician, we email the technician a scale data file with all of the Dutch Valley “bulk” items that your store has purchased from us. The technician will set up the scale, import the scale file that we provide, and show your staff how to use the scale.

Of course, if you purchase any of the Good’s Technology software products, you won’t need us to provide a scale data file. After Good’s Technology initially sets up your StoreLIVE! system, the software connects directly to your scale data at Dutch Valley and transfers the information to your scales.  In addition, whenever you purchase new products from Dutch Valley, you can use the StoreLIVE! software to easily add the items (including ingredients) to your scales. This is a great “time saver” and much easier than manually adding items/ingredients to your scales.

Most of our customers are buying either Hobart, Mettler-Toledo, or Ishida scales. See below for contact information for the regional scales salesmen that we recommend when you need to purchase a new scale.  They can give you price information (quotes) and connect you with the closest technician to take care of your scale needs. Be sure to mention that you are a Dutch Valley Food Distributors customer, when you speak to any of the gentlemen on the contact list (below).

If you need to obtain a scale data file from Dutch Valley for your current Hobart or Mettler-Toledo scale, please call the General Scale Information number below. If you are using any of the Good’s Technology Software products and need support, please call the Good’s Technology number below or visit for additional contact information.

Contact Information: