Dutch Valley Food Development

 Myerstown Branch

 Product manufacturing has long been a part of the history of Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc. Over 20 years ago, a manufacturing department was created to control product quality. Sweetened coconut, a small selection of snack mixes and other miscellaneous products were the first to be produced in-house. As the years passed, customer feedback played an important role in the expansion of our product selection as well as the volume of products being produced.

In 2006, our manufacturing division became its own entity named Dutch Valley Food Development, Inc. To date, Dutch Valley Food Development is responsible for the production of several hundred items including sweet and savory dip, dressing and dessert mixes, custom seasoning blends, international grain pilafs, Meals-in-Minutes, gourmet no MSG and home-style soups as well as many other items.

Dutch Valley Food Development has a full time Research and Development department, a strict Quality Assurance program to ensure quality, consistency and integrity in all products, and is also Certified Organic to meet the needs of our customers. We continue to improve our daily operations by investing in up-to-date equipment and providing a healthy environment for employee growth and advancement.  From day one we’ve been committed to providing our customers with a high level of service and we continue to strive to do so today.