Last Updated: August 5, 2016


Almonds:  Almonds dropped drastically through the first two quarters of 2016. However, this has made the almonds a relative bargain in the world and export demand has increased significantly. The market has moved up because of this. The new crop is looking good, after some much needed Spring rains, so hopefully the harvest will be large enough to cover demand and keep prices level.

Apricots:  Current crop has dropped off significantly from last year’s historical highs. However, pricing is still not as low as 2014. The apricot market remains relatively firm. Unexpected political turmoil in Turkey could affect the supply chain.

Cashews:  The cashew market has skyrocketed due to poor crop expectations and poor quality. The market is very uncertain after several months of consistency.

Cocoa:  The cocoa market still remains higher than what supply and demand fundamentals would project. The Brexit occurrence knocked the market off a little, but it remains firm as more investors view it as a new commodity to give opportunity for profit.

Oats:  The oat market is stable at this time.

Peanuts:  The peanut crop was very large and pricing should remain low. However, some of the larger varieties (like the X-LG Virginia that we stock) are not as readily available. There could be an increase in pricing of these larger varieties.

Pecans:  The pecan harvest was less than expected and overall quality is not as good as desired. Pricing has climbed exponentially, as some predicted, and many processors have nothing more to offer. Pecans will be high priced, and even difficult to obtain, through the busy baking season.

Pistachios:  The pistachio crop has been very short, the lowest in ten years, pricing is going to be very high and availability is going to be in question until new crop arrives.

Prunes:  Prunes continue to increase throughout the years as they fight for space in CA fields with better paying tree nuts.

Raisins:  The raisin harvest was very good and pricing is flat to down compared to 2015.

Sugar:  The sugar market is stable at this time, but has increased a little from the historic lows earlier in the year. Cane sugar is demanding a premium in pricing over the Genetically modified beet sugar.

Walnuts:  Walnut pricing has been very good through this current crop. However, as we near new crop, some of the lighter material is in short supply and demanding higher pricing. The new crop is looking strong so continued low cost of walnuts is expected into next year.

Wheat:  There is a good supply of wheat keeping the wheat market reasonably low. However, uncertainty always looms as we near the harvest. High protein flour is not readily available and forcing higher costs to obtain.