Our Brands

A Touch Of Dutch®

For centuries, the art of butchering, sausage making and meat curing have been common practices across Pennsylvania Dutch Country. German, Swiss, English, Polish, Italian and many other ethnic groups have contributed their skills and recipes from the old world to many of the recipes and practices we enjoy today. A Touch of Dutch brand meat seasonings builds upon that experience in meat processing, artisan sausage making and international flavors to make our complete seasoning blends. We strive for quality, freshness, consistency and value in every one of our seasoning products. Our All Natural seasonings include wholesome ingredients like sea salt, natural unrefined cane sugar, natural seasonings and spices, natural vegetable and spice extractives and natural antioxidants like Vitamin C. We believe that in order to make quality meats, you must have quality seasonings and we are confident that you’ll find A Touch of Dutch Brand seasonings are of the highest quality available.

Bulk Foods Inc.

All products labeled with the Bulk Foods Inc. brand are produced with exceptional attention to detail. Consistency in ingredients, flavor and quality are of great importance and we also take pride in the way our products are produced. Product quality tracking programs, strict adherence to FDA guidelines and frequent equipment cleaning schedules play a large part in the manufacturing process of our trusted products. We also strive to use wholesome ingredients and offer many All Natural and NO MSG items to our customers. Our product line includes a wide variety of items such as snack mixes, soup mixes, Meals-in-Minutes, dip and dressing mixes and much more.

Dutch Barrel

Produced in Honeybrook, which is located in Chester County, PA, the Dutch Barrel brand features a full line of quality syrup products. Similar to popular pancake syrups, Dutch Barrel products have a thicker consistency, richer taste and sweeter flavor than competing products.

Jake & Amos®

Jake & Amos® began providing only the finest canned vegetable and fruit products to customers over 15 years ago. We have grown to offer over 60 different unique and delicious canned products all made with only the finest ingredients available. Our product line currently includes pickled vegetables, salads, relishes, spreads, fruit butters, sauces, mustards and salad dressings. We believe that canning is an art and know that the way a product is canned can affect the quality of its flavor. In addition to using only the finest ingredients, what makes our products so delicious is that we employ different canning processes. For each product, we select the process that will best maintain the goodness and flavor of all the ingredients in the recipe. This is how we ensure that none of the freshness and flavor of any of our delicious products is lost.

The Market Cupboard

What is Market Cupboard? Think of it like this – it’s time to make a meal, so you go to your pantry to select the items that your family will gather around the table to enjoy. The items you choose will help you save time by bringing the basics together in easy-to-use recipes that minimize prep time but deliver big on flavor. Follow the recipes to great results or add your favorite extras to cater to your family’s preferences. That’s Market Cupboard – convenience and customization when time and satisfaction are essential! Uncomplicated, easy-to-use, homemade taste and quality with the option to include ingredients you already have on hand. The Market Cupboard Simple and Delicious!