Lip & Tape Sandwich Bags 10x8 +3LP 1000ct

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Lip & Tape Sandwich Bags 10x8 +3LP 1000ct
SKU: 832330

These bags are ideal for delis, restaurants, cafeterias, and mass-feeder venues for packaged sandwiches, paninis, wraps, cookies, brownies, etc. These bags are particularly well suited for pre-packaging of sandwich type items because they load very quickly and seal easily and securely. The co-extruded material provides excellent strength and product protection characteristics, while the clarity of the film provides outstanding product presentation. The lip and tape closure mechanism provides a secure closure and can be resealed several times with no loss of strength.
Resealable Lip and Tape bags are a great way to package sandwiches, wraps, and paninis for retail sale
Tape can be resealed a number of times without losing strength
Co-extruded material helps keep contents fresh longer