Raw Milk Jersey Cheese 4/3.5lb

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Raw Milk Jersey Cheese 4/3.5lb

Jersey cattle are a small breed of dairy cattle whose milk is considered a luxury product. It has a high butterfat content of 4.84% which is 25% more than average milk, and protein content of approximately 3.95% - 18% more than other breeds’ product. Jersey milk also has 25% more calcium than average, 10% to 12% more phosphorous, and considerably higher levels of an essential vitamin, B12. This Raw Milk Jersey Cheese is produced without pasteurization, and a has a very creamy texture!

Item Details
Country Of OriginUnited States
Case UPC90759885764059
Retail UPC7598858764056
Pack Size4/3.5lb
Pallet Count84
BrandBunker Hill
Dimensions11.5in X 10.3in X 4.0in