Summer 2021 Recipe Spotlight
Summer 2021 Recipe Spotlight

Bring on the refreshing salads and anything you can char up on the grill… it’s summertime! There’s something just so nostalgic about the foods we eat during this season that evoke memories of warm nights and being surrounded by friends and family. I’d argue that the best recipes for this time of year are the simplest and highlight the season’s ripest ingredients!

Natural Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal 10lb
Natural Seven Bean Soup Starter Blend, No MSG Added* 4/5lb
Couscous with Chives & Saffron 3/5lb
BLT Dip Mix 5lb
Cucumber Dill Dip Mix, No MSG Added* 5lb
Natural Strawberry Dip Mix, No MSG Added* 5lb
Natural Key Lime Pie & Dip Mix, No MSG Added* 5lb
Natural Dutch Potato Salad Mix 10lb
Natural Amish Macaroni Salad Mix 10lb