What is the DVF Mobile Ordering App?


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Who can use the app?
  • You must be a current Dutch Valley Foods customer to signup.
  • You must have account terms or COD terms with Dutch Valley. The mobile app does not support credit card pre-payment or other pre-payment terms.
Why should you sign up?
  • You already have a mobile device, why not put it to work for you? If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or Android device, you are on track to an easier ordering process.
  • The DVF Mobile Ordering App uses a familiar mobile commerce buying experience.
  • Orders are placed by simple barcode scanning on the shelf with our updated shelf tags, or adding products via a search within the app utilizing your device's onscreen camera or a Bluetooth connected scanner.
  • Your personalized in-app experience offers a secure login authentication, custom catalog with the latest pricing and updates, plus a full order history!
  • App carts can be synced to the Dutch Valley Foods website for easily adding items to cart from computer.
  • Orders will remain in cart on your device to add at your convenience until you are ready to sync and submit your order to Dutch Valley Foods.
  • We know that your time is valuable each day, which is why we are committed to saving you some of that much valued time when ordering products to replenish your shelves.
  • During our initial pilot phase, we polled customers to see if the new in-app ordering saves time. Guess what we learned? Those who have used the DVF Mobile App and scanner have saved on average, a half an hour to even a half of a day’s work compared to their previous ordering method!
  • Feeling nervous about trying something new? We will provide you with all the training needed including documentation, instructional video and ordering support to ensure a successful transition.
  • Continued ordering support is also included. We will check in periodically to ensure all is going smoothly with the ordering process.
  • While not all new ideas can be implemented into the app immediately, we do value your opinions, suggestions, and ideas to make your user experience even better. We will keep a running wish list and keep you up to date on any changes made to the app.

Support & FAQ

Are there any restrictions on who can use the app?

  • You must be a current Dutch Valley Foods customer to signup.
  • You must have account terms or COD terms with Dutch Valley. The mobile app does not support credit card pre-payment or other pre-payment terms.

What devices are supported with the app?

  • Both iOS and Android devices are now supported with the updated Dutch Valley Foods mobile ordering app.

What is needed to use the Dutch Valley Mobile App?

  • Click the Get The App! button on the left and follow the instructions to signup.
  • Download the app on your device.
  • Follow on screen instructions to log in to your account on the app.
  • Put up the barcoded shelf labels on your store shelves. Request labels if you do not have them.
  • WiFi or 4G/LTE data connection is required to update the app and submit orders. The application will sync between 1-3GB of data on the initial sync. For this reason, we recommend having an unlimited data plan or being connected to WiFi for the initial sync.
  • Optional - Bluetooth barcode Scanner can be purchased online and used with the app.

Do I need an internet connection?

  • The app requires an internet connection to sync the product catalog and process orders. Any WiFi or 4G/LTE connection will work.

I don't have shelf labels with barcodes. Can I use the system?

  • The app works best when you can scan a barcode. If your store needs labels with barcodes on them, please email [email protected] to request a full batch of labels for all your purchases in the past 12 months. We will send the barcodes within 1-3 weeks on a truck order. Going forward, your account will be setup to receive barcode style labels.

How do I get barcode labels for new products I order?

  • You can request additional labels using the button below or through customer service.

Does ordering need to happen in one session?

  • No, you can build draft orders and submit when ready so long as you sync your device before and after working on orders.

Is it possible to look up items as well as scan them?

  • Yes, items can be retrieved by product number or name within the app.

Is there product information within the app?

  • Yes, product details and information are available within the app. Note that the information available on the app is limited. If you need nutritional or ingredient information or more detailed information, it is available at dutchvalleyfoods.com.

How do I know if my app order submitted to Dutch Valley properly?

  • You will receive an email coming from [email protected] with the subject line being DutchValleyFoods.com - Order Receipt - #OrderNumber
  • Customer Orders section of the app (find this section from the main menu slide out) will list the order at the top/by date
  • Sync Activity section (find this from the main menu slide out as well) will show the most recent sync as complete

If any of those items are not met, please check in with us ASAP so we can help you get your order to us.

How do I export my order to an excel file if I am having troubles ordering?

  • From the check-out screen of the order, tap on the blue "EXPORT" text in the bottom left corner.
  • This will show a pop up box that will allow you to save the excel file to your device so you can upload it to the website to place or email the file to yourself, someone at DVF and ask for help to get uploaded to your account.

I am getting a scanning error. What do I do?

  • Sometimes the scanner will error on a scan with one of the following messages:
    • Scanner gives a different tone than normal
    • Scanner beeps twice
    • Application flashes red and says that the item is not found or the barcode is unknown.
    • Items which are discontinued or not available to be purchased will indicate"Not available for purchase" within the app when scanned.

These errors normally mean the app may not have been synced. Our recommended best practice is to sync the device when you open the app prior to starting your order. Please sync the app and see if the error goes away. If you still have issues, please contact support.

My scanner isn't pairing with a new device

  • Be sure that you unpair with old device. You may also need to scan the standard product defaults barcode to reset the scanner to standard settings and then pair with the new device. Instructions can be found in the following documents:

Who do I reach out to with problems or questions?

  • Your point of contact for support is: Jill Carpenter

App Documentation

Shelf Labels

You can request additional labels using the button below or through customer service.