Bulk Food Retailer Organic Guidelines

USDA Organic

Dutch Valley Food Development Company is a Certified Manufacturer of Organic Products. To maintain our certification, we are inspected regularly and held accountable to the high standards of Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO).

The PCO inspects Dutch Valley Food Development processes, equipment, and more to ensure we’re continually preserving the organic integrity of our products. We take our commitment to providing high-quality organic foods to you and your customers. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing and selling organic bulk foods:

Organic Bulk Food Retailer FAQ

To sell organic products, do retailers need to be Certified Organic?

No. The Federal Rules and Regulations on Organics (supplied by PCO) states that retailers are exempt from certification because they do not process or produce organic products. 

If I use organic ingredients or foods in my hot food deli, do I need to be certified? 

No. Because you are cooking and not processing or producing the organic, The Federal Rules and Regulations on Organics (supplied by PCO) states you do not need a certification.

Can retailers place organic symbols/logos on organic product packaging in their stores? 

No. Retailers are not permitted to use organic symbols, logos, or signage signifying a product is “organic certified.” If you want to use “organic certified” verbiage at your discretion, you must become Organic Certified. 

Can I place stickers on organic products that say “organic” as opposed to “organic certified?” 

Yes. Any stickers or signage may be used to signify a product is organic – as long as the “organic certified” logo and symbols are not used. 

We have multiple stores. All our products ship to one location, then we ship products from there to our various stores. Can we sell organic products? 

Yes. If you transfer products as whole cases and not individually packaged or re-packed bulk items.

Can an inspector require us to immediately take organic products off the shelves if we’re not organic certified but are following the above guidelines? 

If you’re not using the “organic certified” symbol or logo on any packages or display signage, you’re within U.S.D.A. guidelines. 
If this happens to you, obtain specific information. Who is the inspector? What governing office do they represent? Then, follow-up with the Pennsylvania Certified Organics representatives at 814-422-0251 and ask for the Materials Review Manager. 

Our customers buy products directly from our gravity and scoop bulk bins. Can we display the outer label from the original organic packages (including the organic symbol/logo) on the front of the bins or fixtures? 

Yes. Under the guidelines of the Organic Rules and Regulations, you’re permitted to apply the label directly from the organic bulk case to the outside of the bins. 

Are organic products more popular in specific regions of the country? 

Organics appear to be in higher demand in the upper Midwest, New England, and Western States. However, regardless of organic costs, popularity is growing significantly throughout the entire country.

Are there informational materials available for customers interested in sharing at their retail level?

Yes. The Organic Trade Association (OTA) provides retailers with valuable information and promotional materials. For more information, please contact OTA by phone at 413-774-7511 or via email.

If I have additional questions regarding organic products in my store, who do I contact?

For questions related to what is and is not permissible under the USDA’s Organic Guidelines, contact the Pennsylvania Certified Organics (PCO) at 814-422-0251.