Dutch-Jell® Lite Natural Pectin Mix 10lb

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SKU: 400150

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This specially formulated natural fruit pectin blend does not require regular sugar to produce a jelling effect in homemade jams and jellies. This jell is perfect for no sugar added or reduced sugar jam and jelly recipes.

Wet Spring Instructions:

When making jam with high moisture berries, this extra water in the berries dilutes the pectin, sugar & citric acid. The end result is runny jam, the problem is not the pectin blend, but rather the fruit itself. We have two options below to help in these situations:

* For wet seasons, customers may increase the amount of Dutch-Jell in the recipe by up to double. (instead of 1/3 heaping cup use 2/3 heaping cup)

*I n some locations where they normally have more moisture in the spring of the year we actually recommend the Industrial Dutch Jell instead of the Dutch Jell, as it has higher pectin & citric acid content.


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