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Dutch Valley Services
Dutch Valley Services

Value added services are what make us unique to the food distribution industry. Our goal is to be a provider of quality products, but we also strive to offer exceptional services to our customers that will help ease the stress of business management every day. With no-nonsense return policies, excellent fill rates and conveniently scheduled deliveries, our customers can feel confident knowing that doing business with Dutch Valley Food Distributors means they’ll be provided with exceptional service in every interaction.

Consultative Services

Let our team of experienced retail professionals guide you through your next project whether big or small.

New Store Sets and Resets

Our Support Services team specializes in planning and executing new store sets and resets that enhance cross-merchandising opportunities, leading to increased sales and margins.

Marketing and Promotions

We develop powerful marketing tools designed to increase purchase consideration, resulting in a positive shopping experience for your customers.  Let Support Services partner with you to develop a promotional marketing plan designed to drive traffic to your store, increase sales and expand customer purchasing trends.

Reporting Analysis

Support Services provides a number of reports designed to assist you in analyzing your investments, ensuring profitable growth of your bulk foods business.

Product Data

We’ll provide you with the most important and up-to-date information about all of our products including nutritional breakdowns, ingredient listings and preparation tips.

Delivery Services

Our fleet of trucks delivers to 29 states (certain minimums and freight rates apply). We also provide common carrier delivery services to the continental United States and to all 50 states and Puerto Rico via UPS. We also offer a unique "Pay the Driver" program that allows you to save 3% on every order. For more information, check out this short video clip.

Product Fulfillment

We strive to keep our warehouse well-stocked to ensure that we have the products you desire at the time you need them most. We also offer a no-hassle return policy should you find any product in your order is unsatisfactory.