Take Control of Bulk Food Traceability

Steps to Safety & Compliance

Review & Documentation

When you receive a shipment from Dutch Valley Foods, always perform a thorough review following these documentation guidelines:

  • Compare all items received to packing lists included in every shipment.
  • Maintain accurate, easy-to-access records to track traceability and freshness. Document all lot numbers, codes, dates, including date received, and other identifying information on boxes.
  • When identifying numbers are missing, purchase order number or date received may take their place.
Repackaging & Stocking Items for Sale

Always keep these four tips in mind when repackaging and stocking your shelves:

  • When items are repacked and stocked for sale, you don’t need to put identifying numbers on every item.
  • If entire products are packed and stocked for sale, add the date in a column next to your product information.
  • Create a system to track the dates for products partially packed and stocked for sale.
  • Keep any unused or repacked products secure, sealed, and dated.
Recalls & Safety Concerns

Keeping consumers safe is our highest priority. Follow these strict guidelines anytime there are safety concerns or there is a recall:

  • In the event of a recall, Dutch Valley requests return-of-product by date or by lot/code number. Refer to your product information log to determine if the product is on your shelf or when you received the items.
  • If you have any concerns or are unsure about affected products, take all concerning products off your shelves.
  • Notify customers of a recall by posting the notice near the product’s shelf immediately after receiving recall information.
  • If you’re unable to definitively identify if a returned item is involved in the recall, place it in your designated recall area.
  • Isolate all suspect products away from other food items, even if the recall is voluntary and precautionary. Dutch Valley will guide you in returning or disposing of the recalled items and offer credit information.
  • The FDA has the right to visit any store. Due to federal regulations, we’re required to provide all customer information to the FDA, including names and locations of those who received recalled products. Please cooperate by helping answer their questions and understand they’re there to ensure no one is harmed by eating recalled products. Keeping your logs updated with lots/codes and dates will further assist in their investigation.

Our customer service and quality assurance team members are here to assist you.
If you have any questions regarding safety and traceability.