Coffee Candy 6/2.2lb

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SKU: 631600

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The Arabica coffee used in this rich, creamy and smooth candy originates solely from the Toraja Province in the northern Indonesian Islands, one of the finest growing regions in that area. Arabica coffee from this region is considered by many as the best in the world - prized for its full body, well balanced acidity, and sweet and woody notes. Rooted with a deep sense of cultural history, the coffee has been grown in this region for over two centuries.


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Balis Best
15.00 LBS
7.00 X 10.80 X 15.20

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Nov 4th 2018

Melts in your mouth

My new addiction! Smooth, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The perfect way to satisfy a coffee craving! You know they’re amazing if people grab a sample on the way out the door, and come back in to buy some before they get out of the parking lot!

Oct 12th 2018

5 Stars

My newest addiction!!! These tiny morsels will even satisfy a coffee conesuer. Divinely smooth, slightly sweet, and perfect coffee flavor. Try them, you’ll be hooked! You know they’re a hit when customers grab a sample on their way out the door, and then get out of the car and come back in to buy a bag!!

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